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Bernard Jabbour

Fashion Designer and fashion consultant Known for design innovation, forward thinking, and extraordinarily inspired collections, which produced top sales season after season.
Successfully provided themes, trend, color, fabric and trim inspiration / fashion consultant and mentor for famous well known Tv programs, like Project Runway and Fashion Star Middle East, Art director and stylist for Arab Idol, Star Academy and Miss Lebanon for leading Tv Channels MBC group, LBC, Dubai Tv

Bernard jabbour believes a gown can tell a story, paint a picture on the canvas we call the human body , allowing the self-realization that by mere virtue of wearing one of his creations, a woman can be in perfect harmony with her self-image and the clothing on her back-radiant beauty create by the fusion of the perfectly colored, hand-crafted garment.

His atelier is where the fusion of the finest, most luxurious, fluid textiles, a vivid imagination and the craftsmanship of a time passed meet to delight the eyes, warm the hearts, and otherwise bring his clients' dreams comes true.